PETRA - Captured In Time And Space (1985)

The tracklist for the album "Captured in Time and Space" is this, as I know it:
El orden de canciones que integran el álbum "Captured in Time and Space" es el siguiente, tal cual yo lo conocí:

1. Beat the system
2. Greg X Volz Speech
3. Computer brains - Clean
4. Mark Kelly Speech
5. Grave Robber
6. Bob Hartman Speech
7. Speak to the Sky
8. Greg X Volz and John Larry Speech
9. Hollow Eyes
10. The Rock Medley (Stand Up / Not By Sight / Judas' Kiss)
11. The Mellow Medley (The Coloring Song / Road To Zion / More Power To Ya)
12. The SOLOS (John's Solo / Jesus Loves You / The Race / Bob's Solo / Louie's Solo)
13. The Praise Medley (Let Everything That Hath Breath / Without Him We Can Do Nothing / Praise Ye The Lord / Hallelujah Chorus)
14. Godpleaser
15. The Great I Am
16. It's Finished

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10. The Rock Medley

Tags / Etiquetas: Petra Rock Medley CITAS

12. The SOLOS

Tags / Etiquetas: Petra solos CITAS

6. Bob Hartman Speech

Tags / Etiquetas: Petra Bob Hartman Speech CITAS

15. The Great I Am

Tags / Etiquetas: Petra The Great I Am CITAS

This is one of my favorites from the album
Aquí esta una de mis favoritas de este álbum:

The Great I Am

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