Petra - Wake-Up Call (1993)

The official tracklist for the album "Wake-Up Call" is this:
El orden oficial de canciones que integran el álbum "Wake-Up Call" es el siguiente:

  • Midnight Oil
  • Good News
  • Strong Convictions
  • He's Been in My Shoes
  • Praying Man
  • Underneath the Blood
  • Sleeping Giant
  • Believer in Deed
  • Marks of the Cross
  • Just Reach Out

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    7. Sleeping Giant
    Tags / Etiquetas: Petra Sleeping Giant

    Petra in WAKE UP-CALL era
    Petra en la era WAKE UP-CALL

    One of my favorites:
    Una de mis favoritas del album:

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    the vapor dijo...

    thank you for your blog!
    i have many Petra on album but am trying to find 4 on mp3 without having to buy them all over again.
    if you believe me, can you help?
    i would be eternally grateful!
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    TestigoMudo dijo...

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    Anónimo dijo...

    buen blog, felicidades !!!
    aun q de este album me gusta mas Sleeping Giant