John Schlitt - Shake (1995)

The official tracklist for the album "Shake" is this:
El orden oficial de canciones que integran el álbum "Shake" es el siguiente:

  • Wake The Dead
  • Don't Look Back
  • Show Me The Way
  • Inside Of You
  • Let It Show
  • Carry The Burden
  • One By One
  • Try Understanding His Heart
  • The Hard Way
  • The Road To Calvary

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    One By One
    Tags / Etiquetas: John Schlitt One By One

    John Schlitt in Shake era
    John Schlitt en la era Shake

    One of my favorites:
    Una de mis favoritas del album:

    3 comentarios:

    Jellyfish dijo...

    Hola! When i tried to download the video from youtube, it says that i need username and password. Can you kindly provide the same? Thanks

    Kathy S. dijo...

    Thank you for keeping Petra "out there" on utube. Isn't it amazing how our offerings (in the Lord) keep giving? (Petra lives on through you and me!)I posted one of your videos on my facebook, I know God will use it in someone's life. Petra was uniquely anointed to carry truth about life in the Spirit. Not many capture the truth in song powerfully like they did.

    Keep being passionate about continuing their legacy!

    Elizabeth dijo...

    Gracias son lo mejor que escuche. el dia de ayer estuvo petra en mendoza,fue un sueño conocerlos de cerca,un sueño hecho realidad,gracias a todos ellos,bendiciones.