Petra - Petrafied (1991)

The official tracklist for the album "PETRAFIED" is this:
El orden oficial de canciones que integran el álbum "PETRAFIED" es el siguiente:

  • Why Should The Father Bother? (Washes Whiter Than)
  • Yahweh Love (Washes Whiter Than)
  • The Coloring Song (Never Say Die)
  • Praise Ye The Lord (Never Say Die)
  • More Power To Ya (More Power To Ya)
  • Let Everything That Hath Breath (More Power To Ya)
  • Not Of This World (Not Of This World)
  • Not By Sight (Not Of This World)
  • Hollow Eyes (Beat The System)
  • Thankful Heart (Back To The Street)
  • Whole World (Back To The Street)
  • This Means War! (This Means War!)
  • Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened (This Means War!)
  • All Fired Up (On Fire)
  • First Love (On Fire)

  • This album was released without Petra participation or opinion. This must not be considered an official album. Este disco fue lanzado sin participación u opinion de Petra. No debe ser considerado un album oficial.

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    Petra in PETRAFIED era

    Petra en la era PETRAFIED

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