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Thanks a lot for the questions, request and prayers. There's a lot of comments about the "Come and Join Us" album. For a long time I keep silence about this, but is time to answer.
When I upload this collection of music, I include "Come and Join us", but, it's a sad history, in a few words, Youtube and WMG block the videos. And if you notice, "God Fixation" and "Double Take"lost a lot of songs.

I have two questions: What we can do? and, We have to do something?"Come And Join Us" is a magnific album, and together with "Petra" (1977) are invauable gems of christian rock. Both albums are very rare to find and buy. Actually I Upload both albums to Internet, and will be easy share the links. But the idea of this proyect is own the posibility of hear the Petra albums without downloads, easy and always availables.

There's any place when we can upload the audios, and enjoy it?
Any idea?


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¡Hola a todos!

Muchas gracias por las preguntas, solicitudes y oraciones. Hay muchos comentarios sobre este album, "Come and Join Us". Durante algún tiempo he guardado silencio, pero  es tiempo de contestar.
Cuando subi a Youtube esta colección de música, incluí "Come and Join Us", pero tistemente, en pocas palabras, Youtube y WMG bloquearon los videos. Y si lo han notado, "God Fixation" y "Double Take" perdieron varias canciones.

Tengo un par de preguntas: ¿Qué podemos hacer? y ¿Deberiamos hacer algo?

"Come and Join Us" es un gran album, y junto con "Petra" (1974) son gemas invlauables del rock cristinao. Ambos discos son dificiles de encontrar y comprar. Actualmente tengo los discos subidos a al red, y sería fácil compartir los links. pero la idea de este proyecto es tener la posibilidad de escuchar los discos de Petra de manera facil y permanente, sin necesidad de realizar descarga alguna.

¿Alguna idea de donde podamos alojar de nueva cuenta los audios, y disfrutarlos?


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Daniel dijo...

Yo tengo varias soluciones para el problema que planteas... una podria ser megavideo, o algun otro server, Escribeme incluso podriamos hacer algo mas relevante.

Isaac :) dijo...


Es posible subirlos al Deezer.com ?

ice dijo...

The probable reason for the trouble with uploading the original "Petra" band albums is due to the copyrighted material that belongs to the former members. If Petra (the latest version) has given you permission to upload their music it would not include those things it does not have a copyright for... like the first 2 albums "Petra" and "Come and Join Us".

I lived and worked with the band when both of those albums were recorded. The original members are Bob Hartman, Greg Hough, John DeGroff and Bill Glover. When the band first came together they played out of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

As a matter of fact, I was with them when Greg Volz came to record vocals for one of the albums.


Theresa dijo...

Muchisimas gracias "unknown" - I feel so blessed tonight to have found these No Doubt songs. I've been a few years caught up in the world, but Jesus brought me back and I'm so grateful for this uplifting, affirming music that I used to get so much from as a new Christian. Now I'm back like a babe, but growing! What a mighty God we serve! Paz y amor en christo - Theresa in Maine

David camargo dijo...

grooveshark.com es lo mejor de lo mejor y creo que estan todos los discos de petra completos

Anónimo dijo...

Congratulations about it.

I loved.

Mara Byrne


Anónimo dijo...

en daily motion te dejan subir lo que sea y por desgracia lo digo...la unica que tiene cuenta oficial del gospel en daily motion es amy grant...QUE BIEN QUE HARIA QUE ALGUIEN SUBO GOSPEL ALLI!!!...no se si te sirve...besotes y bendiciones!!!