PETRA - Unseen Power (1991)

The tracklist for the album "Unseen Power" is this, as I know it:
El orden de canciones que integran el álbum "Unseen Power" es el siguiente, tal cual yo lo conocí:

1. Destiny
2. Who's on the Lord's Side
3. Ready, Willing, and Able
4. Hand on My Heart
5. I Need to Hear from You
6. Dance
7. Secret Weapon
8. Sight Unseen
9. Hey World
10. In the Likeness of You


From left to right: Ronnie Cates(Bass), Bob Hartman (Guitar), John Schlitt (Vocals), Louie Weaver (Drums), John Lawry (Keyboards)

Image from Unseen power CD slipcase; UPF Collection

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7. Secret Weapon

Tags / Etiquetas: Petra Secret Weapon

This is one of my favorites from the album
Aquí esta una de mis favoritas de este álbum:

Sight Unseen

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