Tribute - Never Say Dinosaur (1996)

The official tracklist for the tribute album "Never Say Dinosaur" is this:
El orden oficial de canciones que integran el álbum tributo a Petra "Never Say Dinosaur" es el siguiente:

  • Taste and See (Audio Adrenaline)
  • Judas' Kiss (The Walter Eugenes)
  • Not Of This World (Galactic Cowboys)
  • Yahweh Love (Sarah Jahn)
  • I Can Be Friends With You (MxPx)
  • Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows (Jars of Clay)
  • Louie's Solo (Kevin Max Smith/Passafist)
  • Road To Zion (Sixpence None the Richer)
  • Pied Piper (The Stand)
  • Wake Up (Grammatrain)
  • The Coloring Song (Caprill And My Sister's Garden)
  • All The King's Horses (Plankeye)

  • For get each video in Youtube (Only audio), insert the tags of each song; e.g.
    Para identificar cada video (audio solamente) en Youtube, hay que escribir las Etiquetas de cada canción. Ejemplo:

    Judas' Kiss (The Walter Eugenes)
    Tags / Etiquetas: Never say Dinosaur Judas' Kiss

    Petra in Never Say Dinosaur era
    Petra en la era Never Say Dinosaur

    One of my favorites:
    Una de mis favoritas del album:

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